Theatre – 2018 Plays – Ranked

In 2018 I managed to see 24 productions, of which I quite a few more than once – due to the quality. So many plays that I wish I could have captured for repeat experiencing. Each iteration was different, and special, which is why I love live theatre so much. The top 15 were all […]

Plays – Top 5 Favourites

Just seen the 2017 version of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (New Statesman’s review here) and it’s put me in mind of other plays, and (being me) thinking of what would be in my Top 5. Unlike other media, it was actually fairly simple to come up with the list. ?Again, as with other lists, […]

Music – Wish I’d Been There

There are probably many gigs, concerts or other music events that you wish you’d been at… or perhaps you haven’t thought about it. ?I have (of course, you know me and lists!) and if I had access to my own Time Lord or TARDIS, here are the top few of mine I’d give (nearly) anything […]