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I’m surprised that I haven’t posted my top 5 film list before.. ?as it’s been one of the easier top 5s to come up with as the top 4 have been fixed for decades really. ?Well the top 4 is easy, the 5th is harder.. ?and changes. ?Currently #5 is the one below, but who know’s when it’ll change again..

As with all my Top 5’s, they have to survive the test of time as well as many many many repeat viewings.

I’m pretty sure you are aware of at probably only two or so of these films, but lets go anyway..

Apocalypse Now

Where the making of the film has as much if not more drama than the film itself. ?It is the true definition of epic. ?Each watching discovers some more, and the colours, and the photography is truly award winning. The actors become their characters which is both amazing and scary: watching Captain Willard break down, knowing that Martin Sheen was not acting. From the iconic opening fan/helicopter scene, the misquoted napalm speech, ‘stay on the boat’, there is so much to appreciate each and every viewing.

Blade Runner

I have watching this film at least 4 times every single year since 1985.. and I still can find something different to focus on each time. ?The wonderful cinematography is still as amazing all these years later. ?Each version has it’s pluses, even the voice over one -but the Final Version is my favourite.

The follow up Blade Runner 2049 was pretty decent too. ?It doesn’t have the initial impact of the original, but the visuals have taken the original and stayed true. ?I would not hesitate to group the two together.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Even though it was (sadly) sanitised for 1950?s audiences, the language, the colours, the story are all so rich. ?Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor are perfect, and the supporting character..who could ever forget ?Gooper? and the ?no neck monsters?. ?It?s one of my favourite plays, and if they?d stuck with the full text/subtext of Tennessee William?s original words it would be absolutely perfect. ?As it is, it?s forgivable enough.

The Endless Summer?

You probably don’t know this documentary film, but if you know me well, you know how much I like watching surfing. ?I love everything about this..surfing, history, travel… I mean, what a combination, how could I not love this. The surf world as seen in 1966..facinating.

Hard Core Logo

A fictional film in the form of a documentary about a past it punk band, and the drama around a comeback gig. The music is good, and the actors are believable (although the star is a bonafide punk singer in his own right). ? The ending always kicks me every time.

Notable Runner Up:?Dune

I am going to put a tiny bit of context… this film has many flaws and nooooo moments.. but the book is so epic and the film reminds me of the book. ?One of the few books I can see a complete 360 living functioning universe, and I don?t think any filmed version however long can hope to capture such a world.

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