Music – Wish I’d Been There

There are probably many gigs, concerts or other music events that you wish you’d been at… or perhaps you haven’t thought about it. ?I have (of course, you know me and lists!) and if I had access to my own Time Lord or TARDIS, here are the top few of mine I’d give (nearly) anything to have gone to:

  • Simon & Garfunkel – “Live at Granada” – March 1967

Technically not a real concert, but there was an audience, so that counts. This is one of two ?of their’s I’d love to have been at. ?The fact it was such a small audience, and that there was only the two of them: incredible voices and fabulous guitar. ??It also contains one of my favourite ever renditions of one of my favourite songs. Can you imagine hearing something which is such a viscereal part of your DNA for the first time?

For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her – March 1967

  • Simon & Garfunkel – Carnegie Hall – November 1969

This was one of their last original tours, but would have been where “Bridge Over Troubled Water” would have been played live for the first time – it was recorded earlier that month. ?I can’t imagine what it was like to hear such an epic piece for the first time..epic is the only word that really sums the song up IMHO.

Bridge Over Troubled Water – 1969 (sound only)

  • Joy Division – Russell Club – July 1979?

Just to experience the sheer energy and visual chaos that was Ian Curtis live would have been breathtaking. ?Within a year of this Curtis was dead, apparently an inevitability according to his lyrics and his previous suicide attempts. ?I still remember hearing John Peel announcing his death – and I can only imagine if Joy Division was around in the internet age how much more hell his life would have been, but to be there in that moment, oh to experience that live.

Full Concert (Sound Only + article)

  • Pearl Jam – MTV Unplugged – 1992

Again, another TV audience concert… Porch around 32minutes in was a performance and a half. ?I’ve seen PJ play live and the energy, the commitment of the band is always 100%..but on this one it seems Eddie Vedder gave even more, even with the constraints of the ‘Rules’.

MTV Unplugged (Full Recording)

So there you go, a few of mine. ?There are quite a few I did get to go to (see here) for which the older me is forever grateful.

(Deb – Feb 2016)

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