TV – Top 5 Favourites

….aka my “Desert Island TV” watching – where if I could only watch 5 shows for the rest of eternity, these would be the five I would pick.

I could, and to be honest, have watched the below many many times, and so would find it very easy for eternity, ?However maybe one day some of the newer programmes could replace the below, but first they have to stand the test of repeated (tens of..) viewings, and that takes quite a lot of binging 🙂

  • Blake’s 7 (1978-1981)
    • This is probably #1 on the list – the whole premise, writing, and characters are so deliciously flawed and human, that I don’t care the sets are dodgy, costumes are even dodgier…it doesn’t matter when you have Avon’s cutting wit, Blake’s doomed cause, an enemy that may not be worse than the hero’s cause, and an ending where not only do the heroes lose, but they are annihilated in the most unhappy, pointless and final ending ever. ?Perfect.
  • Hannibal (2013-2015)
    • A recent entry compared, but even so, have seen each season at least 10 times and counting. ?The sheer visual artistry is breathtaking, the writing is elegant, and the actors inhabit their characters completely. ?At it’s core it’s standard fair – ?Hannibal is doing something bad, and Will Graham is trying to catch him, but it’s so much more. Bryan Fuller has created something amazing, visually stunning and downright luscious.. hopefully we get a season 4 and more… cos Will/Hannibal can’t be over just yet can it 🙂
  • Sapphire and Steel (1979-1982)
    • Another oldie, but one I didn’t really see at the time it was first broadcast as I didn’t get to watch ITV back then. ?I think it was around 1985 when I finally saw the series, and wow, the chills, the sheer horror at everyday ordinary things. ?Wonderful premise and the stories still hold up today, even if the fashion doesn’t.
  • Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister?(1980 – 1988)
    • Definitely because if I’m on a desert island, politics would no longer be relevant, so it would be great to have a laugh at what I don’t have to care about anymore. ?Doesn’t matter it’s 40 years old.. it’s still has topics we recognise today.
  • and finally – a documentary – Ken Burn’s Baseball
    • This is a documentary of the major milestones and events of the game up to 2009. ?So if on this mythical desert island I can’t watch the games live, at least I have this wonderful historical tome to go through.

Of course there are series that I’m currently, or recently have been, enjoying such as Mr Robot, Black Sails, Dark Matter, Hawaii 5-0, Firefly, Leverage, Lucifer, Preacher, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis.. and so on….. ? but as yet, none have yet reached the over 10 times viewing without getting bored of them.. one day they might..

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