Music – Wish I’d Been There

There are probably many gigs, concerts or other music events that you wish you’d been at… or perhaps you haven’t thought about it. ?I have (of course, you know me and lists!) and if I had access to my own Time Lord or TARDIS, here are the top few of mine I’d give (nearly) anything […]

Music – The 2015 Version Of My All Time Top 5 Albums/Songs + new category: Top Gigs

It’s now 2015..and time to do my 5 year update on my Top 5 albums/songs. Previous lists are here?… As you can see the albums are all older..I never like including recent albums as I think it’s the test of time which puts it into my list. ?The top 5 would be the ones I […]

Music – Comparing my 1990 & 2000 Top 5 albums and songs with my 2010 list (originally posted April 2011)

I’ve been comparing my 1990 & 2000 top 5 albums and songs with 2010’s… interesting… I’m quite consistent.. Obviously they have changed a little in between the decades… but these are the 5 that if I was stranded on a desert island and could only listen to 5 albums/songs for the rest of my life.. […]