Random – So dear parent ….. (London looting – August 2011 – Originally posted to FB August 2011)

So dear parent when you wake up this morning and your teenager is sporting a lot of new stuff, what are YOU going to do?

So, to those ‘disenfranchised”, what are YOU going to do about it?

When are YOU going to do something for yourself and take responsibility, when are YOU going to stop blaming everyone else and expecting something for nothing.

Oh, I see, you’re not… you’re just going to loot and destroy others’ hard work.

I do not agree to those that say, oh it’s not enough social services or this or that… I’m sorry, that is no excuse to ruin people’s livelihoods and make people homeless.

Protest for freedom, protest injustice, but don’t call scum who rob TVs and trainers and destroy ‘protesters’, they are not, they are just scum.

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